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My dream has always been to become a professional soccer player. When we had the summer break at my club, I was extremely bored. I always wanted to develop as a footballer. In the summer, however, only YouTube helped me. Suddenly, by chance, I came across a video by the French freestyler "Sean Garnier". In this video he showed hundreds of people his tricks in central London. All people seemed so inspired and could watch this street performer for hours. When I saw this video, I was so impressed that I really wanted to be able to do the same. So I grabbed the ball and went out every day during the summer holidays and practiced these tricks.

Laura Wrann Ball

I've been doing this sport for 5 years now. It's always nice when I can inspire people. To track my progress in freestyle, I started uploading videos to the social media platform Instagram in 2018. My Instagram account quickly had 1,000 followers. I kept at it and kept uploading videos. I can now entertain more than 80,000 people on my social media channels. Thanks to my range, I have been able to teach my tricks to numerous children. I was even allowed to show my tricks in front of the Austrian women's national team.

Laura Wrann Ball

I work on my skillset every day and try to improve every day. Seeing the amazed faces after you've performed something tells you that you've done everything right and that you should never give up.

Why does it always have to be quick and easy?

- Laura Wrann

How does this freestyle ball differ from a normal soccer ball?

  • Freestyle Grip Ball

    rubber surface

  • Freestyle Grip Ball

    Popcorn texture

  • Freestyle Grip Ball

    Less weight

Laura Wrann

no grip? No problem!

With the Freestyle Grip Ball you will no longer have problems performing tricks. No matter what the weather, the Grip Ball always helps you with your freestyle tricks so that you don't slip off.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

- Laura Wrann

Book me

  • Laura Wrann - Shows

    Regardless of whether it is a private party, sporting event or even a wedding. Football Freestyle is a real eye-catcher at every event. The show act is performed to match any type of music.


    (approx. 3 - 5 min.)

  • Laura Wrann - Fußballtricks lernen

    A freestyle workshop is the best tool to introduce beginners to the world of freestyle. In addition, the workshop helps to further develop skills such as coordination, control and balance.


    (about 45 minutes)

  • Laura Wrann - Influencer

    Due to the high level of activity on my social media channels, I offer a wide range. Companies can use this reach by making products available and ultimately promoting them.

Laura Wrann - FC Kössen
Abenteuer Sportcamp/ Matthias Rhomberg
Laura Wrann - Shows